Nightlife in Beirut, Paris of the Middle East

Beirut, the capital of Lebanon is one of the most culturally unique designated tourism hot spots in Lebanon. Beirut is well known for its night life. Some of the most famous places to visit for an unforgettable night, is well known Beirut SKYBAR, Iris Beirut, and 60's Beirut pub. These bars/clubs are Beirut's most centralized clubs. The SKYBAR has been operating at the top of the Palm Beach hotel of Beirut since 2003, where it later moved to the top of Beil in 2007.The SKYBAR has been featured in top international magazines and newspapers.

The Iris Beirut bar is another popular night life roof top in Beirut, Lebanon. Iris is well known for its cocktails and astonishing views; this bar is located in the heart of the Beirut's seaside pavilion, close to the shores, called Mina El Hosn. This bar also operates as a restaurant and has a wide variety of oriental Mediterranean and international dishes, to suite both the tourist and the Beirut civilians. The bar has great ratings on many review and tourist websites.

Lastly, the 60's Beirut pub is located in Alexander Fleming area, close to the old fashion district of the city, Mar Mikhael. This pub stands out with a 4.5 rating and isn't as flashy as the other two; yet serves the same great service with excellent reviews and an outstanding variety of alcoholic beverages.


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