Vestibul Palace Hotel, Split - SMALL LUXURY HOTELS OF THE WORLD

For many years Split used to be just a transit city. Tourists never really paid attention to its beauty and history, thanks to lack of knowledge and, maybe, confidence of local people. Croatia has a huge potential in many areas, unfortunately, there is no system that encourages and supports new projects and ideas. It always comes down to extraordinary people and their individual efforts and investments.
Thanks to one of them, when visiting Split, you can sleep in Diocletian’s Palace. Literally. There is a hotel named Vestibul, which is situated behind the Roman Vestibul and the main square of Diocletian’s Palace, Peristil. Vestibul was a magnificent and impressive entrance into the emperor’s quarters. The idea of hospitality has been there since the beginning.
VESTIBUL of Diocletian's Palace
A little bit more than decade ago, an enthusiast decided to bring that tradition to life and to open an extraordinary, small hotel. Only seven rooms where available and everybody was laughing at the man. (Split society can be pretty cruel too!) But he believed in his vision, it became his passion. And he succeeded! Vestibul carries a special history and energy. Imagine, you are sleeping in a hotel with walls 1700 years old!
 Tourism is all about stories and this hotel has plenty of them. Together with wonderful Dalmatian cuisine, domestic olive oil and Grappa. A lot of style, refinement and authenticity!
I have decided to write about this hotel because, I believe, Vestibul has a very special place in Split’s touristic boom. After the initial skepticism and envy, many other heritage hotels have been open, attracting visitors from all over the world. The old town of Split offers a fantastic atmosphere during the day and during the night: beautiful people, charming restaurants, music and laughter everywhere you go! Yes, dear reader, you should certainly visit Split!

Author: Vlatka Pokos


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