Beautiful Croatia

 According to Google, people all over the world associate the word "beautiful" with Croatia. This must make every Croatian proud, including myself. 😊
The Island in the Shape of Heart - Galesnjak
Dear reader, have you ever heard of Croatia, my beautiful homeland? I am a newcomer to Canada and I have realized that both: Canadians and my international friends, know less about Croatia than I thought. So, please, keep reading and let me be your guide on this interesting journey!
Croatia is a small country of exceptional and diverse natural beauty and cultural heritage, situated in South-East Europe. The country is a home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites and numerous nature parks and reserves.  
Usually categorized as Eastern European country but culturally, in my opinion, closer to Mediterranean countries, such as Italy. Not only that Italy and Croatia share the Adriatic Sea, but during the turbulent history, coastal parts of Croatia were influenced greatly by Italian culture. That influence can be seen in dialects, cuisine, architecture and historical monuments all the way through amazing Croatian coast!
Split's "kale" - Narrow Streets of Split
 Croatia fought for its freedom and independence all of its existence, more than 13 centuries. Being a small country with a fantastic geographical position, serving as a border between Eastern and Western world, the whole area has always been very attractive and strategically important to the great global powers. Up to this day.
 Despite all foreign influences, Croatians managed to preserve their authentic culture, language and Catholic religion and finally became an independent state in 1992.  Millions of Croatians are scattered all over the world. People have been leaving their beautiful homeland for economical and political reasons and still doing so… But always carrying Croatia in their hearts.
Hopefully, this article helped you to get a better idea of Croatia. I am in love with natural beauty and traditions of my country and very happy to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with the world! 

Author: Vlatka Pokos


  1. fora je otočić! ja volim nalaziti oblike srca u stvarima oko sebe (pjeni od sapunice, panju, fleki na hlačama 😁). Nekako me to podsjeća na dobro srce dobroga Boga koji nas toliko voli, a svuda je oko nas. bi rekao Ivo Andrić, on je mirno srce svih atoma! Love, Jessy P!


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