DUBROVNIK – “Pearl of Adriatic”

The City of Dubrovnik
Stunningly beautiful city on the cover of this blog is Dubrovnik. My colleagues generously let me privatize the blog by putting Dubrovnik on the cover, and I thank them for that😊. I would like to give you a few basic facts about Dubrovnik’s history but even more I would like to transcend the real beauty, warmth and charm of this magical place.
 The Cathedral, Dubrovnik
The beauty of Dubrovnik was legendary, long before first beginnings of tourism during the rule of Austrian Empire. Lord Byron on his Grand Tour was said to have called Dubrovnik ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’. Later, prominent authors like Bernard Shaw and Agatha Christie were dazzled by the perfectly preserved baroque oasis.
 The old flag of the Republic of Dubrovnik has the sign LIBERTAS, which means FREEDOM in Latin, freedom that Dubrovnik's citizen loved and valued more than anything. They managed to preserve their freedom during most part of Dubrovnik’s history.
Originally named RAGUSA, Dubrovnik was founded by Croatians in 7th century but the history of the previous (Greek’s) settlements reaches much further in history. The name Dubrovnik has its origins in oak woods that surrounded the area; in old Croatian it was called “dub”.
The Main Street of Dubrovnik: Stradun
Dubrovnik has an amazing history. Up to this day the city remained unique and distinguished, making its citizens extremely proud of their beautiful old town, that became one of the most beautiful and desirable destinations in the world. Dubrovnik citizens are called the “Gospari” in Croatian which means “Gentlemen”. Some people perceive their specific mentality as arrogant but I believe it is simply result of the city’s extraordinary history. They were fantastic diplomats, very educated, successful and powerful in trade and maritime affairs. During Dubrovnik’s “Golden age”, the republic had a fleet of 200 ships and sailors appreciated all over the world.
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Author: Vlatka Pokos


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