Mediterranean Middle East Lebanon

Lebanon is one of the most exotic places to visit in the Mediterranean,  Lebanon is located

on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. with a small yet highly educated 

population of 6,006,668 of mainly Catholic and Muslim religion. This beautiful countries 

economy relies heavily on tourism. 

The countries main tourist attractions are the ancient Temples of Baalbek, Ksara and anjar, 

Cedars of Lebanon, Kozhaya and Besharreh, Jeita Grotto and The National Museum of 

Beirut. The capital of Lebanon is Beirut, this city exhibits several prehistoric sites. and many 

other historic and modern areas and beaches that consist of sandy Beaches in the South 

and Rocky Beaches in Northern Beirut.

Lebanese Mountains also offer skiing, 

Pretty much you have a country that is 

Beautifully warm yet also can go up to the 

highlands of Lebanon to ski. 

From my experience visiting Lebanon, 

where my family originate from, the country 

is simply beautiful with a very oriental yet 

Mediterranean feel to it. The delicious

Lebanese diet is well known world wide 

from Kebbeh, Kofta, Shawerma and 

Shish Tawouk to salads like Tabouleh and Fatoush, and sweets like Baklawa and Kunafa.

I personally highly recommend a visit to Lebanon because the experience you will feel 

there, is unforgettably amazing in a very unique way yet shares a Paris like feel to it. 

                                                    Lebanon Awaits you !!!


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